LEDs chez Wistuba

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LEDs chez Wistuba

Messagepar Vince81 » 15 Juin 2014 9:37


Les LEDs de Wistuba sont à nouveau disponibles pour une période limitée

These strips are the result of extensive testing. They were optimized to grow young plants of Nepenthes and Heliamphora in a most economic way by saving 50% of electricity in comparison to traditional fluorescent tubes.

Most LED strips I'm offering now are from project I decided to cancel. I had planned to mount strips as additional lights above all of my greenhouse tables. Initial testing on a few tables worked very well. However, I have to work in the roof region of the greenhouse so often on cables, electricity, shading, misting, etc. that the numerous aluminum rods really would be in my way make this work very difficult. I recently had problems with my fogging system and it was very cumbersome to climb in the roof of the greenhouse above the LED structures...
Therefore I decided to sell off the strips I have not yet in use. All are unused still originally packed. They were custom made after lots of testing for good color ratios. These 6 band strips are not available commercially anywhere! When they're gone, they're gone. I will not offer LEDs for sale again. While I have a couple available of some varieties, others are available as one or two only. Traffic light in the shop will automatically switch to "red" when the variety is sold.
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Re: LEDs chez Wistuba

Messagepar Merwnn » 15 Juin 2014 11:44

Ça a l'air de valoir le coup, s'il les a testé préalablement.
Par contre, il détail pas trop la puissance des LED ni les lumens.

Merci pour le partage ;)

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